Alanna Royale combines the best elements of rock, pop, funk and soul, all executed by their fearless leader and sensual vocalist, Alanna Quinn-Broadus, an unparalleled rhythm section – Jared Colby on guitar, Gabriel Golden on bass and Matt Snow on drums - and a tremendously talented two-piece horn section – Kirk Donovan on trumpet and Diego Vasquez on trombone. Without a single recorded song, Alanna Royale was able to obtain an impressive fan base and a reputation solely because of their unforgettable live performances.


“In Less than a year, they’ve intoxicated the city of Nashville with their salty blend of soul, funk, and pop.  This band can walk on stage to a crowd of cell phones and blank stares and leave behind a mob of sweaty, enthusiastic new fans.” - American Songwriter

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“Lead by vocalist Alanna Quinn-Broads, the neb-soul grouper-ignites the fire under the ass of soul that once burned bright with stars like Etta James, Bobby Womack, and Isaac Hayes.” - Pancakes and Whiskey

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“Saying Alanna’s voice is powerful is an understatement, since it could quell a peasant uprising with its mere ferocity.” - No Country for New Nashville

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“It’s a fresh-sounding spin on a sound that will never go out of style.” - Nashville Scene

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“Their reputation, spreading quickly, is a product of born-to-hustle spirit and commitment to delivering - on time, every time.” - Henry Pile, Native Magazine


“Achilles is a chronicle that knows when to set fires and knows when to put them the hell out, leading to a record that’s both warm and white-hot at all the right moments.” - Canadian Audiophile


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