Forlorn Strangers



Roots-loving, Nashville-Based, foot-stomping string quintet Forlorn Strangers is simultaneously innovative and steeping in the tradition of Americana-Folk music. Entertaining comparisons to an “Americana Fleetwood Mac,” Forlorn Strangers are comprised of five unique songwriters whose individual writing and performance styles complement one another to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. The band’s deep connection also lends strength to its unforgettable five-part harmonies featuring Abigail Dempsey (fiddle, percussion, vocals); Hannah Leigh Lusk (mandolin, precision, upright bass, vocals); Chris Banke (guitar, mandolin, vocals); Benjamin Lusk (banjo, guitar, vocals); and Jesse Thompson ( upright bass, dobro, guitar, vocals).

Forlorn Strangers spent more than nineteen months on the road touring unflaggingly in support of and in advance of their 2016 self-titled debut LP. That album was recorded at John Prine’s Nashville studio, The Butcher Shoppe, with producer and Grammy-winner Phil Madeira at the helm.



"What I learned as I listened for the first time to this group of talented, young musicians is that they are neither forlorn nor strange. Instead their unique blend of roots music and soaring harmonies is innovative yet remains true to traditional Americana folk music.” - Huffington Post


“Speaking of Fleetwood Mac, Forlorn Strangers often glean comparison to this iconic group. The band has brought together a balance of dynamic hooks, driving melodies, and reflective lyrics that cut right to the heart.” - Music City Roots


“Bottom of the Barrel,” a song that showcases the clear, piecing harmonies that the sisters are capable of as well as bluegrass’ inherent, lovely ability to touch on serious themes while still sounding like a rollicking good time.” Elmore Magazine



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