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About Us

CROSSOVER TOURING was founded by Barron Ruth & Patrick May to provide customized touring for multi-genre artists. Born from a tireless passion for music, built with talented staff, amplified by new technology and creative strategies, we offer exceptional service to our partners on both sides of the deal.

Our roster includes genre-defining AND redefining artists from Grammy Award-winners to white hot up-and-comers. All share a common thread -- exceptional musicianship, phenomenal live shows, the ability to transcend influences, cross narrow genre boundaries and captivate the ears, mind & spirit of music fans.

Barron Ruth
barron [at] 

Josh Brinkman
josh [at]
Agent/Sr. Vice President

Rachel Doe
rachel [at]

Chris Rusk
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Caitlyn Paige
caitlyn [at]
Booking Coordinator for Pat May & Josh Brinkman

Michelle Kapschull
michelle [at]
Agent Assistant 

Heather Arrowood 
heather [at]
Finance Assistant

Pat May                                                                      
patmay [at]

Virginia Prater
virginia [at]
Agent/Vice President

Curtis Geren
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Bryan Jennings
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Adrienne Geren
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Agent Assistant

Ty Murray
ty [at]
Agent Assistant