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Virginia Prater



In today's crowded musical landscape, it's hard enough to develop a unique and recognizable sound that can set you apart. That done, you face an even greater challenge: What IS this music? Although Front Country has a foundation in traditional music, they are creating their own path and sound with grace, poise, confidence and extreme skill. They call it “roots pop" and its easy to agree with them. In fact you can't deny the infusion of these two sounds.

As you dig in, you might also hear moments that feel like the classic rock of Fleetwood Mac or the Police, as well as the modern country sounds of the Dixie Chicks or Chris Stapleton. This new record features skills - both vocally and instrumentally - of a band seasoned well beyond their years. Front Country is anchored by the pure power and touch of Melody Walker's lead vocal. She brings an attack that has a hint of effortless irreverence while revealing brutal honesty and vulnerability in both singing and songwriting. As exciting a band on stage as they are in the studio, Front Country stands strong and tall in today's American roots music scene.


“In the bluegrass world, musicians tend to define themselves by their tradition and discipline. But Front Country is defined by its no-rules approach.” - NPR Music

“Lead singer and songwriter for progressive bluegrass band Front Country, Melody Walker is an outspoken force.” - Paste

“Other Love Songs is Front Country’s Roots Pop opus, and promises to be the band’s most intensely creative and original project to date. The songs are emotional in nature and examine love with a self-aware twist. “ - Live for Live Music

“Fans of modern acoustic music will find much to enjoy in their more experimental approach within the traditional bluegrass quintet.” - Bluegrass Today

“punchy bluegrass-tinged pop” - Live for Live Music

“With Influences ranging from Bluegrass to Classic Rock to Modern Country, Front Country refuses to conform to the genre standards” - IBMA

“One of the best up-and-coming progressive and forward-thinking bluegrass bands on the rise is Front Country” - Arizona Daily Sun

“ There are several young bands on the Americana scene today who are pushing the progressive boundaries of bluegrass style while keeping their roots in the traditional sounds they’ve harvested from around the country. Front Country is one of the best at that, and Other Love Songs makes the case for why they don’t have many equals.” - Twangville

“irresistibly listenable and relatable.” - The Boot

“Front Country and its principals never attempted to fit into a tidy box neatly labeled ‘bluegrass.’ “ - The Lonesome Road Review

This [band] has been called “passionately intoxicating” and “orchestral,” and Melody’s bluesy vocals have been described as “rafter-shaking.” - Yes Weekly

“The album is about as forward-thinking as acoustic music gets” - Nashville Scene

“They aren't 100% sure what they're making - they're just focusing on making good, unique music that they want to make. Not everything has to be a cookie-cutter genre-filler” - Sonically Awkward

“What Front Country has shown with “Other Love Songs” is that it is willing to look at traditional instruments and approach them from a whole new perspective for a whole new sound” - Tahoe On Stage UK REVIEWS

“Soulful, gritty and determined, Melody Walker lives up to her name with some of her finest songs to date.” - Northern Sky Magazine UK

“To say the playing is virtuosic is an understatement! Given that their command of the instruments they play is so exceptional that it's difficult to visualize anything in roots music that this band couldn't master” - American Roots UK

“Action packed Roots Pop from California” Maverick Magazine UK “Front Country continue to defy the constraints that oft define bluegrass or string band music on Other Love Songs” - Folk Radio UK

“Front Country's dynamic instrumental textures take flight with grace and gravitas while rooted in relentlessly soulful vocals” - Proper Music UK


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