Eight years into being a band and Little Tybee has only scratched the surface in their path of constant creation, experimentation and treading musical waters in between genre and genus. They blend together psych-folk, prog-rock, jazz, Motown, and general aural wizardry. However, the more you try to thread together a clear and concise narrative, the more blurry it gets — so it’s just best to sit back and enjoy it. To describe Little Tybee is to describe an atmosphere — something that’s more felt than heard. Their dense tapestry of sound surrounds and hits all the senses.

This stellar lineup consists of singer/songwriter Brock Scott, the expansive eight-string guitar virtuosity of Josh Martin, Ryan Donald’s heart soul-inspiring bass grooves, Nirvana Kelly’s stirring and shining violin and viola flares, the lush yet driving keyboard arrangements from Chris Case and Dallas Dawsons’ percussive prowess. These are six musicians who bridge together taste and talent, bringing a comfortable virtuosity with their instruments. Yet it’s not about being as a perfect as possible in their playing, it’s about growing their talents to play what’s in their collective heads create. When you listen to Little Tybee, you listen to a universe expanding. Composing in a fluid and democratic process of songwriting, whether on the road or at home in Atlanta, GA.. Each song stems from one idea and the band then writes (and rewrites) without ego to create something larger than themselves. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Hiatus Kaiyote, D’Angelo, Rufus Wainwright, Fionn Regan, Tame Impala, Here We Go Magic, Radiohead, and Junip, their music bounces from one musical landscape to another with ease. Part of what makes Little Tybee’s music so powerful is that there’s a sense of mystery in it for musicians and non-musicians alike. There’s a seventh voice created when they play together. Their notes create an aural overtone that’s special only when they’re in the same room performing. And this is the true magic of Little Tybee; audio experiences steeped in creativity and love, that are not only hypnotic in nature but truly inviting to anyone who is in earshot.


"The band Little Tybee doesn’t really fit into any genre, and the band likes it that way.” - CNN.COM

“Twin Sister and Local Natives need pay mind to this mini orchestra.” - PASTE MAGAZINE

“Little Tybee is a group that is really hard to put your finger on Stylistically, and that’s the way we like it” - FILTER

“…the musical manifestation of golden light, marsh grass, and flying birds. ‘Nero’ sounds like a happier Fleet Foxes. ‘Passion Seekers’ a chicken-fried Grizzly Bear.” - RCRDLBL.COM

“Delicately constructed orchestral pop music with enough adventure to keep wandering ears at bay, Little Tybee oozes southern charm with a dash of classicism capable of penetrating a generation of music fans beyond their own years.” — I GUESS I’M FLOATING


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